WWOOF Dreamz

6 days left in El Nido before we leave on the Atienza ferry (cheaper if bought right at the port office - which is a shipping container where the hours are irregular at best) to chillax in Coron for a few days of wreck diving and island life before Manila > Vietnam.

In the meantime my skillz are improving:

  • I am meditating more
  • I am working on honesty + setting healthy expectations / boundaries in our romantic relationship - sticking to those as the goal, not a specific outcome revolving around *us*
  • I drove the (135kg / 298lb, MANUAL) motorbike through windy Palawan for 3 hours without stalling it, laying it down or fearing for my life (except when the bus rattled by @45km/hr well over the center line on a corner I had judged taking from the mid-right of my lane, near heart attack for sure)
  • I secured all of our travel + accommodations through Ho Chi Minh and am working on setting up a cool WWOOFing experience
  • Dinners are getting dope @ the greenhouse - chili bread bowls, spam fried rice, "spaghetti", pulled chicken + roast potatoes (Note: this is a feat due to the supermarket + outdoor market selection, as well as the kitchen which is 2 gas stove burners and a toaster oven)
  • Social media for Deep Blue Seafari is my project for the last 11 days in El Nido, it's actually fun to grow a brand's social presence again

Speaking of WWOOF, I am currently researching farms that we can divide up our Vietnam motorbike extravaganza with. We are planning to ride from Ho Chi Minh up and work on farms in exchange for housing and food along the way. Vietnam has not entered the "official" WWOOF site yet, so the process (per usual) is not clear cut. There are 2 sites which you can pay the annual membership fees on, however only the latter option has been established with actual farms: 

http://wwoofvietnam.org/ VS. http://www.wwoofindependents.org/

WWOOF independents has only 10 farms in Vietnam and some seem like they are defunct or not accepting volunteers. I paid the $22 usd fee and messaged 3 of the farms in the south - so far no response but I don't expect these places to be all that high tech and tapped into their email, so we will probably just show up on their doorstep and hope for the best! The most exciting by far is the bee farm on the southern island of Phu Quoc, I reallllllly hope that this one works out, especially bc when he was a little nugget, T used to collect honey for a neighbor. 

February 4th note: TranGarden responded and they are no longer hosting WWOOFers. This leaves a possible 8 or less spots available from the list provided. I heard back from none of the places I emailed.