VIP Machete Service


Luxury. I don't need much of it to be happy. That being said, there is a time and place where it can be quite appreciated. Like after an overnight ferry on wooden bunkbeds in Southeast Asia.

I was lucky enough to redeem a reward night at the all gold errythang Hyatt in Manila for our last night in the Philippines. And indeed, this luxe last night tradition is one I would like to continue. Between the hostels, overnight buses, ferries, non-AC shared housing, and general backpacker nature of our lives, there was just something so magical about the following, not necessarily in order of import:

  • Sitting on a marble floor to shave with a waterfall shower sprinkling HOT water over you 
  • The robes, oh those robes. I love thee
  • Being upgraded, allowed to check in early + treated like a queen - even though we were in our dirty backpacker uniforms 
  • Laying out all of my possessions in order of what they are - just 'cuz

And the best part? The very best?

Going through the medical detectors and having T's machete "checked" at the lobby. They didn't make a scene, take it away or call the authorities - just simply gave us a valet receipt ❤ 

check yo machete @ the door

check yo machete @ the door