Scorpion Breath

Khao San Road... The mecca of creepy shit to eat. But where does one draw the line? For me it was creepy, furry, fried tarantulas. However, scorpions were fair game. 



There are multiple street vendors with carts of such delicacies (charging 10BHT ~ $.03USD for a picture of the stand), but the true purveyors of the strange bring trays of their wares right up to you while you enjoy your Chang beer and pad thai at one of the pop-up restaurants. And so we agreed to scorpions (thanks Chang). 2 Brits, 1 Canadian, 1 Aussie, 2 Americans - 6 scorpions. Sounds like a sexy gang bang, but no, just a scorpion tasting. 

We dug right in and put them in our mouths for the requisite Snapchat / Twitter share and I was the first to down mine. Mm, crunchy, oily, salty... No stings or creepy bug guts coming out. All in all not bad. Brit 1, also succeeded, Brit 2 = epic failure and a glass full of saliva and scorpion guts. I didn't mind it so much (and had finished off my 2nd large Chang) so I went in and ate a 2nd.

Time Travel

I time traveled today. in Amy Poehler's book she refers to time travel - specifically that all of your life experiences are multiple points of reference. These separate points (separated by any amount of time) can be seamlessly brought into one experience when certain things align (stay with me here).


I experienced this today on Lake Tahoe. In 2006 I graduated and decided to use my graduation money to buy my first puppy, Olive. 2 weeks later I went on a 2 week trip with then boyfriend and left Olive and then cat Bazoo to be watched by a friend (who did a shit job, enter scene: mom guilt). We went to San Fran, Sacramento, Napa and wouldn't you know it, Tahoe. to the exact spot I found myself in today - Emerald Bay. 

I recognized the lake, but only after hiking down did I realize that I had been here. Exactly here. And laid in the sand and done a sand angel. And now. Just now. I realized that I book-ended Olive's life in this precise location. The first time feeling guilty because I was vacationing away from my brand new puppy, this time feeling guilty because I didn't bring my baby girl's ashes with me to commemorate her life.

It's ok though, once I'm ready to let her go she will go some pretty cool places.