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Luxury. I don't need much of it to be happy. That being said, there is a time and place where it can be quite appreciated. Like after an overnight ferry on wooden bunkbeds in Southeast Asia.

I was lucky enough to redeem a reward night at the all gold errythang Hyatt in Manila for our last night in the Philippines. And indeed, this luxe last night tradition is one I would like to continue. Between the hostels, overnight buses, ferries, non-AC shared housing, and general backpacker nature of our lives, there was just something so magical about the following, not necessarily in order of import:

  • Sitting on a marble floor to shave with a waterfall shower sprinkling HOT water over you 
  • The robes, oh those robes. I love thee
  • Being upgraded, allowed to check in early + treated like a queen - even though we were in our dirty backpacker uniforms 
  • Laying out all of my possessions in order of what they are - just 'cuz

And the best part? The very best?

Going through the medical detectors and having T's machete "checked" at the lobby. They didn't make a scene, take it away or call the authorities - just simply gave us a valet receipt ❤ 

check yo machete @ the door

check yo machete @ the door


Blogging. Believe it or not i have been writing a bit over the last month and a half, but sometimes it feels like a chore. And sometimes i have no wifi. And the days with good wifi and interest in writing aren't that plentiful. And oh... did you see that sunset? And mm Tanduay rum and poker night is more fun.

Also - I am not sure that the current layout of the blog still works as my life evolves. Dickz. yeah i have a ton of ridonkulous lessons in dating still to impart, but i am dating a dick who is not such a dick most of the time. So do i write about us under Dickz? 

Travel... well that is my whole life now. Finances and work and life all revolve around where we are and where next might be, so do I add a section for that?

Promise: I am going to back-date what I did write and post it at some point but the size of that job increases with time. The next goal is to make sure that the blog reflects me and where I am going right now. For the short term here's the soundbite version of the last 2 months:

  • Circus school was a haven for relaxation and not getting shit done. 24/7 there was mellow thai weed in the pagoda, there were parties every night (a BIG PARTY at least twice a week), and one of the highest ratios of humans getting laid:humans I've ever seen, perhaps 1.4?
  • Kittens are definitely funding ISIS, specifically Drugz
  • Travel from Pai, Thailand to Palawan, Philippines was a true testament to our relationship - we meandered off the most direct path many times (ooh a cock fight... ooh a 3 day cargo ship trip...) and only fought 2, max 3 times
  • The world does not end when I don't regularly workout, my butt gets more juicy and i still fit all the same clothes
  • Divemaster school is not as easy as imagined. Night dives are terrifying. And i am not good at everything in the entire world as once suspected
  • You can in fact blow off a chunk of your finger with a firecracker, and it might just happen on a cliche night like NYE
  • Being in a relationship centered around travel + living together is a huge test but the personal growth it allows can be mind blowing
  • The magical, creative place where fiction + reality collide can be as simple as this... (special love to Xavier - pictured for the photos, memories + writeup on his site) 

5 Steps: Social Media Cleanse

Almost finished with a month off of social media (10d 1h 40m 54s left) and it's my 2nd cleanse this year (first was in response to this article). "But you work in social media" you might be thinking...

Indeed. And the second I start these cleanses and grant myself access only to work-dummy accounts my anxiety reduces and my productivity absolutely skyrockets. I don't feel like I am missing the "coolest thing ever", I stop caring about engagement ring porn, I start a blog, launch business ventures with a friend or two, have time for consulting work, ... etc. Remember when your only feedback loop on your thoughts was the one in your head plus the ones you received in-person or on the phone with someone you chose to reach out to? Oh right. Real life.

I certainly love social media for a great many things. It is an excellent photo repository (specifically my incriminating twenties), great for birthday reminders, easy to reach out and send a quick note to someone you've lost touch with, and a really fun way to share some of the quick hilights of one's life with a larger group all at once. But seriously, the amount of self-importance people tie to their social media persona is on par with a personality disorder. "I feel really bad when I don't log onto facebook because people expect to hear about what I'm doing." Are you Oprah? Then nope. No one is counting on your status updates except your ex boyfriend who is stalking you via a dummy account buried somewhere deep in your "Friends."

So here is my challenge to you. do a cleanse. Maybe 1 week, maybe 31 days. longer? Perhaps, but the goal is not to eliminate social media, just become less tied to it as a key facet of your persona. and to keep it simple, here is a handy 5-step plan:

  • Maybe not for you, however 1 year ago I cut my facebook friends down from >1k to <500. If i wouldn't say hi to someone on the street then why should they see my vacation pics?
  • Delete all of the social media apps on your phone / tablet and logout of the sites on browsers. Also logout of accounts on your computer browsers (only tricky thing is logging into the accounts that you created thru Facebook - Spotify, etc. This is a planned margin for error but just resist the urge to look at notifications if the Facebook homepage should popup)
  • If you think people will actually try to get in touch with you, have a non-dramatic status update like "Social media cleanse, see you in 31 days! [text if you need me]" or something like that. avoid some dramatic and long, judgy post, people will think you're trying to be elitist (which you probably are)
  • Get a free countdown app for your phone, I use T-Zero
  • Avoid the temptation by enjoying nature, calling friends you haven't spoken to, exercise, brainstorm a way to earn $ on the side + do it, read a book

You will be shocked at what getting back 1-2 hours (more?) of your life each day can accomplish.

basic bitch, coffee shop selfie, doin work

basic bitch, coffee shop selfie, doin work

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