And who the fuck am I to blog about spending? 

Looking back one might say that my twenties were a well orchestrated symphony of financial ruin. Since my first credit card at 20, I had managed to rack up expenses well in excess of 30k (not including 12k in student loans), ranging from worldwide vacations, cosigning on boyfriends debt, a naughty bulldog and her maintenance, a few surgeries (one on COBRA), cars I couldn't afford, keeping up with the Boston scene... 

Based on that resume, I would at best qualify as a funny statistic about what not to do. Except here's where it gets interesting... I will be debt free in 86 days, and on top of that have a healthy (i.e. above average) amount in my retirement accounts.

My financial seismic shift occurred in a car accident on 4.29.14 at 7:42am. since then, thousands of tiny pivots have brought me here.