Little Mermaid

The diving life. How sweet it is. And also... Work! We wake up every morning at 6 (or should I say, T does... he makes us instant coffee then coaxes/orders me out of bed), head to breakfast by 7 and then land at the shop by 8 to prep our gear and get out on the boat. The shop we chose was Deep Blue Seafari, a PADI IDC shop with a home-like feel + fun-loving owners, Jose & Diana.

Each day on the boat brings something new, with a comforting level of predictability. We switch between instructors and meet a steady influx of other divers who come through to see the El Nido reefs. 3 dives / day, a big ass Filipino lunch (meat, rice, veggies, fruit...) and all sorts of shit to remember... Connect the hoses. Weight belt right release. Air pressure check. Computer. Test the regs. Twist this. Don't twist this. 

All for the magical world of discovery under the sea (cue Little Mermaid soundtrack... no really, I actually get those songs stuck in my head whilst diving at times AND to make matters better our instructor is named Sebastian - you know, like the lobster...). It is so cool and strange. Can you think of anything more magical than swimming thru a school of barracuda, snapping your fingers at them and having them turn about-face in unison? 

One thing that is not up my alley (as of right now) is night diving. We went on a night dive at 6:30 one night and I nearly shit my wetsuit. I floated in my brain between "ooh this is a nice warm blanket of tranquility surrounding me and look at those interesting sea urchins that taste yummy on sushi" to "HOLY FUCK NO CONTROL THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE FUCK DIVING FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT..." So yeah not one of my most zen moments.