Forever Alone

"If a girl is in her 30s and still single there's a reason."

Yes. She chose to be that way. 

This is a real-life quote from pest* (and so many other men and women, and fuck it, even me a few years ago). Pest and I have attempted to date about 26 times in the last 2 years and I finally pulled the plug for good this week by choosing a female date over him for a wedding. Lackluster just doesn't even begin to describe his history of dating me, but maybe some of our texts through the years can help to paint the picture:

Back to the topic at hand. Marriage. "You know I'm going to marry you" has been the rallying cry I have heard from 5 or so of my exes, not counting many instances where the conversation has been broached with other fellas. I am so grateful I did not get married yet. Thank. Fucking. GOD. I have changed so much since I was 21 that any of those relationships would have been doomed. At this point I am a frugal mustachian who doesn't drink that often, isn't sure about kids, and am gearing up for a month in Southeast Asia next March (from which I may not return). NONE of my exes shared that vision and I didn't even have an inkling of it as recent as 1 year ago. 

Even more interestingly, the person I am becoming is a very acquired taste. I do not appeal to most men anymore and that's in fact a pretty awesome thing... Just last night a hot guy was hitting on me at a wedding and when I started talking about mustachian life and early retirement he told me it sounded like a cult... NEXT. As an aside, personal finances isn't light first conversation talk (oh wineeeee) but it certainly weeded him out quickly enough.

I was lamenting these facts a bit today (how my dating pool has shrunk so exponentially with my new roadmap + goals) and mom told me a quote she heard from Aunt Linda. It's just perfect:

"I no longer care about if someone likes me. more importantly, do i like them?"

*name changed for confidentiality

gettin bendy + giving zero fucks

gettin bendy + giving zero fucks