Fishy Thingz

bye El Nido!

bye El Nido!

The day before leaving El Nido we were getting the last minute things pulled together - basics for the boat like Skyflake crackers (an addiction that will be sorely missed), mini bananas, ramen + oats - so we swung by Atienza to confirm our ferry and bike transport details.

"Hello - just checking on our cargo ride."

"Oh that's not happening. not for 2 more days, the boats somewhere in Manila."


Somewhere in Manila. and we were going to find out when we rolled up at 7am the next morning to get on our boat. The nice woman then offered to take all of the motorbike paperwork and ship the boat for us...


He's so delicate and careful with the words he chooses...

trippy thingz

trippy thingz

At this point we figure out we can get on one of the smaller, shittier boats (the Bunso) for 700 extra pesos to ship us and the bike, fine. All-in shipping a bike from El Nido to Coron = 1086 pesos + 4.5 hours of my life never to be seen again.

The next morning the boat ride is going as well as it could be given that T had his final divemaster test - the snorkel test (drinking alcohol through the snorkel in a round robin trivia game). after a lunch of fishy shrimp, rice and indiscriminate vegetables T surprises me by puking overboard.

This sickness culminates in a glorious, triumphant entrance to our hostel where T rides up on the motorbike and pukes fiercely + immediately (while on the bike), his projectile only narrowly missing a tiny local girl frozen mid-step with a look of true horror on her face. I pat his back in solidarity which unfortunately releases his other end. Yes. Joke's on me however, because within an hour I've already vomited 4 times, which repeats through the rest of the night.