Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

I have a new dog almost every day. This is quite an easy feat, and thoroughly documented via my Instagram. The dogs in Southeast Asia coexist on the streets with a savviness that keeps most of them fed, humped, and not run over by the loads of tourists on motorbikes. So humped in fact that the females generally have nipples the size of my thumb that flop liberally, not dissimilar to a cow's udder.

The dogs here are quite creatively built. They are shortened + stout versions of all sorts of dogs we have in the States. In addition there is the occasional full breed that hasn't been mixed into the fold yet. An example of this is Jack Daniels, Pai Circus Hostel's yellow lab.


On today's sojourn, I've joined up with a golden retriever and a schnauzer/wirey-furred old thing (who I have to kick out of the circus at least once a day). As my pack and I pass a farm, 3 angry dogs came out to protect their zone so I have to play my alpha card and shout them off. Further along our way, an Asian (non-Thai looking) couple motorbikes up and scolds Isabel (the golden) to come home. My wirey companion and I continue on for a bit but as we approach the circus, she realizes there will be no red carpet entrance (and in fact a fierce yellow lab protecting his turf) and we part ways. 

I miss my Olive, but having a little bit of time with many dogs around the world is such a healing experience.