What's new you ask...

  • Hit by an SUV yesterday (no damage to the bike or me), hustled the guy for a ride to work + $45 in potential damage (mental? lol)
  • Won a trip to tahoe for this weekend from an outdoorsy dating app I recently looked into via Bostinno (but didn't really pursue for one specific reason or another... that's a whole 'nother tale) AND get outfitted in reebok gear to do my first ever Spartan Race!
  • Launching next week
  • Cleaning up the brand new site I've mothered from infancy at my actual job
  • Cali in 9 days to see the love of my life, Melissa (one of them, sorry Eileen, Maggie, Stephanie...)
  • Then right into a 20 day magical mystery tour
find your soul soul cycle meditate boston bike bicycle

It turns out I can be an absolute fucking machine (no not a fucking machine, or can I...?). When it comes to getting shit done I am a perfectionist and I push myself really hard. This can be a blessing and also a curse. When it comes to social commitments, however, it can become deadly to my mental health. As an introvert (yes, truly) I stop functioning when I overcommit. Last saturday my angel (Maggie) came over and I couldn't dress myself because I had filled my itinerary and queue so full. So some things got axed (some really hurt to let go, like committing to learn Wordpress - she's a total babe and yet a total cunt). 

Wanting to do it all vs. wanting to retain my humanness - the ongoing struggle.

Over the last year (since the break) I've started to meditate 2-4 times each week as well as take a regular inventory of my life. The things that are not giving me joy, exciting me and furthering my goals have been sacrificed one by one. My friendship circle has grown smaller, and yet stronger. My passions are becoming more refined. And allowing some time to breathe has opened up the door to extraordinary possibilities. If something doesn't bring you joy LET IT THE FUCK GO. Do. It. Now. 

UPDATE. Some rules were made to be broken... I have been so #cheapasfuck that I had a friend cut my hair a few weeks ago and almost had another friend highlight it this weekend, but the cost/time analysis did not work out in the favor of buying supplies for and then learning a trade. So my one true splurge lately is for an appointment with my hair soulmate Kashmir tomorrow - #wwlbwd*

*What would Luke Brian's wife do? A hashtag crafted during a long ride back from Buffalo w Maggie where we decided we should marry hot-southern male-country-singers. My plan to marry Luke Bryan involves an elaborate scheme of catfishing his wife into cheating emotionally with another hot-southern-country-male-singer then exposing the truth to Luke, wherein is in unable to resist my charms and we live happily ever after. Oh, and he has a big dick. Also oh, Maggie has dibs on Sam Hunt.