I never was all that great at gymnastics, or any other sport for that matter. my terrible (near blind) vision led to a paralyzing fear when tackling back-handsprings on the high beam as well as a unifying theme of no hand-eye coordination in all ball sports. As further proof, i was cut from soccer and then badminton my freshman year at tiny Holy Angels Academy (rip). To note, this was horribly embarrassing at a school where I knew almost no one, didn't know the rules of all girls school clicks, and was singled out in specific by another freshman on the team as being not on the in, I hated her.

Luckily i had "heart" according to Hector the soccer coach that cut me. I can push myself past the point of pain, get in sick shape, but never really deliver a win. Thanks to that I was given a Rudy-esque spot on the team where I was able to be something of a ball girl and practice with the team. Unlike Rudy, I never suited up, nor tried out for another season. Yup, cross country and track were definitely more my calling.

Now that I am old and don't give AF about what pretty much anyone thinks I've struck up a relationship with strange yoga poses based on no formal training. The muscle memories from gymnastics and deep seeded ability to deal with embarrassment have been key in getting some pretty awesome shots all around the world.

Words to the wise: Quit gymnastics when there is impending mortal danger, practice with the team even after you've been cut, don't get in a fist fight with the ugly soccer prodigy, and kick your feet upside down to see where you land!