Airport Confessions



In college my first Official Boyfriend was a liberal (nearly socialist) guy that had strong political views. He wasn't afraid to jump into debate with any right wingers and always had the perfect fact, figure or quote to fuel his points. In turn, I also became fairly politically active, protesting the US involvement in Iraq and Bush's quest for WMDs. I didn't feel like an impostor, because standing up for truth felt right, however I never felt like I quite belonged because I wasn't a great debater. I think this also disappointed then boyfriend, that and the fact that I wasn't Russian nor did I look like Heidi Klum. 

I'm vegan now. And there are so many reasons why, but I don't feel like arguing with you about them. I think one of the most beautiful things I've ever done is to stop seeing animals as mine to use and I hope to inspire by example and to use my energy on making things better for them. 

Bed Bugs

However, I still don't see bed bugs as valuable in the same way they see me. Thanks to that I am sitting at the airport in Doha with a new outbreak (yes a 2nd one) of 7 hives from Moroccan bugs. Spectacular. Can we please bring back DDT? No not really. But maybe... These itches.

Diving Deep


Tomorrow, right around the time the US announces the new President, I will be checking in for 10 days of Vipassana in South Africa. Silent meditation and no technology. Quite frankly, I'm scared as fuck. There is a part of one's self that modern distractions conveniently help us avoid - work, friends, social media, dilly-dallying, the works. Strip those away and you are forced to have all the conversations with no real reprieve. I don't have any expectations for myself or the 10 days but I know I'll be swimming in some deep, potentially shark-infested waters. 


OMG I am going to be in the USA in 35 days, a grand total of 425 days out of the country! My passport needs more pages (I am down to 4) and I don't have any flights booked yet once I'm "home" in Buffalo. It can be a complete and utter recharge to take in what I've learned and where I want to go. I've already got Epic Anderson Animal Rescue Road Trip planned with my brother down the east coast, a surgery on my ever-exciting reproductive system, and a purge of 80% of my belongings planned! Ah yes, I also want to start a nonprofit funding dog sterilization around the world, no biggie...