Work With Lu

Digital Marketing

I'm actively working on my laptop as I travel (a real life digital nomad!) and would love to be contacted for partnership opportunities. I have a wide range of marketing expertise - digital, email, social, blogging - especially anything creative! Companies that are ethical and do good in the world (i.e. not selling shit that no one needs) are especially attractive to me.

Business Strategy

I love seeing dreams become a reality. I excel at zeroing in on the logical steps to launch a small business or a large campaign. From brainstorming through launch, I provide training and skills to set your business up for success.

Recent Case Studies:

  • Launched a Toronto lawyer's website in 10 hours. We brainstormed, planned, executed and launched on a budget. She now has a beautiful site and training to take a blog and social media channels to the next level and launch her on-demand consulting business!
  • Launched a hand-crafted jewelry website in 2 weeks. Working with the owner to organize product specs, content and website experience. Provides ongoing social support to the brand for events and campaigns as well as a complete rebrand with name and logo.
  • Jump in for 5 hours weekly support to a CME (Continuing Medical Education) seminar company. Streamlining vendors, branding social, email and blog to reflect the upscale nature of the service provided.
  • Worked with a property developer to launch a Google Map clearly outlining access routes, agreements and property lines. Packaged in an access-only client-ready format.

Saving All The Dogs


It's funny how once sentence can point you in the right direction. "You can't save the world." Like fuck I can't. Every person that has, has also been one person.

I've always loved dogs and animals, but since I've been traveling I have been able to spend quality time with dog shelters and sanctuaries worldwide. Pretty quickly it became clear that most struggle to stay afloat and keep up with the population of under-served dogs in the world. It also became clear that my time is not best spent picking up dog shit and giving them a cuddle. 

I've helped with social media, launched websites and even fostered a dumpster puppy in Montenegro. This has felt good and made some impact however, within a week of getting my foster pup, I found 4 more abandoned puppies left in another dumpster. The issue is overpopulation and lack of sterilization - issues I intend to attack head on!

Let's Link Up! 

Some of my current + past clients include: