you too, can kill it...


Hi. I'm Lu. Lulu. Louise. Or as mom puts it, Dooter-Beans.

On October 31, 2015 after a 19 day trip to Indonesia, I went all in: quit my job, entrusted my belongings to friends + family, and embraced the nomadic backpacker life. 

Join me as I document:

  • Work: Redefining my career and what income means to me. 
  • Animal Rights / Our Planet: This has been an evolution for me, but there has been some level of this in my life since I was a kid. We gotta do more guys. Start by watching Earthlings... Then Cowspiracy... Then read The Omnivore's Dilemma.
  • My NONPROFIT! Yes, I did it! Check out my street dog sterilization nonprofit, For the Love of Dogs! I've launched it in Argentina, Montenegro & Portugal!
  • Travel: My style is a healthy blend of winging it + research.
  • Finances: Initially was planning to travel "til the money ran out," but awesome opportunities keep coming up (see my expenses HERE!).
  • Feels: Some dating and emo stuff.

Hopefully I can inspire you to start saying yes to wild + extraordinary opportunities as they cross your path, because even the worst case scenario can open amazing doors. Trust me...

ABout Lu

I'm a free-spirited OCD, INTJ, Gemini all combined into one strange package of a human. I began this blog in August 2015 as a place to share my debt payoff (a 9 year project), dating life + generally ridiculous life experiences. Now it is some combination of travel confessions and epiphanies - as they come to me.

I'm obsessed with furbabies of all sorts around the globe and will not hesitate to kiss stray animals or stop drop + yoga, even in the grimiest of places. Hence my accident prone nature.


Rescuing dogs, looking for home & exploring!

What am I even doing? 

What am I even doing?